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25 Jun 2019
You can now get your Chick-fil-a fix in Jupiter!
Dining and Food

You can now get your Chick-fil-a fix in Jupiter!

When we moved here a couple of years ago we loved everything about our new hometown instantly. The beach, the baseball, the family friendly atmosphere. Jupiter is basically perfect and my ONLY (minor) complaint was that the Target and Chick-fil-a were kind of far away. Since both establishments were less than a mile from my former home, they had become an integral part of our family life. I definitely missed them at first but if I’m being honest, I’ve come to appreciate that it’s better for my waistline and pocketbook if those two indulgences remain a bit farther out of reach. ūüôā

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But that didn’t stop me from being SUPER excited when I saw this headline in my inbox…CHICK-FIL-A IS COMING TO JUPITER!

Chick-fil-a in Jupiter, Kind Of

Turns out that the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA) has arranged for Chick-fil-a to run the concession stand at Jupiter Community Park¬†multi purpose fields. Starting this week, Mon-Thur from 5:30 – 8:30 PM and on Saturdays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM you can get your chicken sandwich (or nugget) fix and BONUS…20% of sales will go to JTAA. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

What You Can Get and What You Can’t

As you can imagine, since it’s not a restaurant, the menu is somewhat limited. While some item deletions are expected (waffle chips instead of fries, no chicken biscuits), I was sad to see they won’t have the delicious lemonade offered. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Here’s what you can expect to see if you head on out for a game:

  • chicken sandwich
  • 8 count chicken nuggests
  • chicken cool wrap
  • waffle potato chips
  • fruit cup
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • canned Coke products or bottles water

So if you and the kids are craving a some delicious chicken and maybe some family-friendly entertainment, head on out to the ball fields and enjoy! Who knows, maybe there will be a Target pop-up just in time for holiday shopping (I am totally taking credit if that becomes a reality).

More Details

Days/Times: Mon-Thur, 5:30-8:30PM and Sat, 10AM-2PM
Location: 3377 Church Street, Jupiter
JTAA Website
Jupiter Community Park

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