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24 May 2019
Know Your Vote: Jupiter Municipal Election March 12

Know Your Vote: Jupiter Municipal Election March 12

Here at Jupiter Family Fun, you won’t find us talking politics too often (in fact, almost never) and you’ll definitely never catch us talking national politics. We’re just too smart for that 🙂

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But, as stated in our mission, we are ALL about local. We shop local, eat local, live local, and we most definitely VOTE local. Voting in local elections is not only a right, it’s one of the most important duties you have as a member of the community, and one of the best ways to ensure you live in the type of community you love. We want to encourage all of our readers to exercise their rights and due their good citizen duties and get out and vote in Jupiter’s upcoming municipal election on Tuesday, March 12.

Of course, the best vote is an informed vote. To that end, we sent all four candidates the same three questions and asked each of them to respond promising that we would publish their responses unedited (except for the random typo). Below you can click on the candidates names to see their responses. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you in making a decision about how to cast your vote. For more details about the upcoming election, click here.

See you at the polls! 

Cheryl Schneider – Mayoral Candidate

Todd Wodraska – Current Mayor, running for re-election

Peter Robbins – 1st District Councilor Candidate

Jim Kuretski– Town Councilor, 1st District, running for re-election