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24 May 2019
Jim Kuretski – Jupiter Town Council Candidate, 1st District

Jim Kuretski – Jupiter Town Council Candidate, 1st District

Question #1: What do you see as the top three most pressing issues facing Jupiter today and what are your plans to address said issues?

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Jim Kuretski, Jupiter Town Councilor, District 1, running for re-election

1. Keeping our Jupiter Uniquely Special

Our overall quality of life is being threatened by the types of new development projects being recommended for approval by my opponent as a P&Z Commissioner and routinely approved by a Town Council majority.   Development approvals must be held to a higher standard than done in communities located south of Jupiter.   Actions that I have taken to keep Jupiter Uniquely Special and will continue taking when re-elected include the following:

  • We must never let Jupiter become like the overcrowded cities/towns to our south.   Jupiter’s high quality of life must be preserved and further enhanced for our children, grandchildren and future generations.
  • I always vote NO when a new development proposal isn’t a good fit for Jupiter and when valid traffic and parking mitigation solutions are not incorporated into development orders.   I will continue to do so, and advocate that other Council Members should do likewise.
  • We’ve kept “Jupiter Green” by preserving open space and environmentally sensitive properties.   I encourage Jupiter residents to join me in voting in favor of the 2019 Land Acquisition Bond Referendum, so we may continue these efforts.
  • Town Council must place a significantly greater emphasis on protecting and improving the overall health of Jupiter’s Inlet, waterways and seagrass.

2. Transportation Planning

Indiantown Road is the most congested 6 lane thoroughfare roadway in Palm Beach County.   Actions that I have taken to help improve traffic conditions on Indiantown Road and will continue taking when re-elected include the following:

  • Island Way – southern extension:  We must complete this new roadway, with a greater sense of urgency, to reduce traffic congestion on Indiantown Road, and at its intersection with Central Blvd.
  • Indiantown Road Corridor Improvements – West of Alt. A1A:  A Town Council majority must begin to place a higher priority emphasis on traffic mitigation efforts and public safety improvements along this heavily congested corridor.

3. Abacoa

  • We must ensure that development of the remaining parcels in Town Center (including Downtown Abacoa) and Workplace Districts are implemented in accordance with original project approval commitments and pursue improvement opportunities that arise.
  • We must also ensure that Abacoa Stadium is revitalized and its two professional baseball teams agree to significantly extended leases.

Question #2: Why do you believe you are the right person to hold this office?

  • As an incumbent Town Councilor, I have a proven track record of leadership actions and results, by which residents can evaluate my worthiness to be re-elected.
  • My strong family values, community leadership results and commitments to Jupiter, its residents, neighborhoods and schools show that You can count on me to continue to be your “qualified local voice” who represents community interests and not special interests.
  • I ask for your continued support and vote for my re-election as Jupiter Town Councilor.

Question #3: What is your overall vision/mission when it comes to Jupiter, FL. 

The pictures enclosed (see main picture at top of this post) are of my wife and three daughters and the little ones are my grandchildren – Jacob, Madison and Hadley.

They are 3 heartfelt reasons why I am running for re-election. I want Jupiter to remain the uniquely special town that it is, so they will always want to continue living here, long after they have grown up and are raising their own families. I was able to keep it that way for my 3 daughters, and I want the same for my grandchildren.


Jim Kuretski is running for Jupiter Town Council, District 1, in the March 12, 2019 election.

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