Janie Sterling is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, an NLP Master and Peak Performance Specialist. Jane was trained under the #1 internationally renowned company in the personal and business development industry.  She has also collaborated and created a five-star rated podcast, “Real Raw Truths” dedicated to enlightening and inspiring listeners all around the world. Janie’s mission is to help her clients define what they want for their future, identify and unlearn what is holding them back, and to create the positive change necessary to achieve success in their lives.
Janie lives in Jupiter, where she raised FOUR BOYS! On weekends, you can most likely find her running on the beach, cycling, playing tennis, or dancing! Janie is absolutely INCREDIBLE, her zest for life, passion for helping people, and her ability to never meet a stranger give us motivation to live more like Janie.

Wondering how to handle your anxious and worrying mind with all of the changes happening in your life and you kid’s lives right now?

You are not alone.

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These are uncertain times for all of us.  And with that uncertainty may come a level of fear and anxiety of the unknowns in the future. Some of us are just fine with change and not knowing what’s coming next. But, for others, change and facing the unknown brings about fear, worry and anxiety.

Make sense?

The first thing to do is to get a handle on your anxiety and worry. Understanding that your anxiety is coming from fear of the unknown is the first step in getting control over it. Your “what if” thinking may be running amuck in your mind. When you understand that it’s the thoughts about the situation that are freaking you out, not the actual situation itself, the situation won’t seem so scary anymore.

Then you can refocus your energies and put your attention onto something more positive and productive.

Here are 5 steps that you can take RIGHT NOW and apply anywhere in your life to help you get calm, centered and focused.


  1. See the Situation as it is, NOT Worse than it is – Avoid falling into the “catastrophic thinking” trap where your thoughts run away with you into worse case scenarios. Do some fact checking and see if the story you are telling yourself is really true
  2. Steer Clear of Future Tripping and “What If” Thinking – Stay in the present moment through mindfulness, centering and breathing. Anxiety stems from worry about the future so by staying in the “now” will help you stay balanced and focused.
  1. Get Resourceful and Put Your “Highest Self” in Charge – Finding creative solutions will come when you put your best self on the job. Trying to figure out problems while in “victim mode” will not bring you the answers you are seeking. Gather what is available to you and put your best self front and center.
  1. Set an Intention and Make Decisions– Set an intention and make a list of decisions that are on the table that will lead you to that Filter through them and make a list of what you can decide right now, what needs to be decided in the near future (no more than 3-6 months out) and what will be decided in the distant future (6 months to 3 years).
  1. Bring You’re A-Game and Take Action – Create 3 goals per day that will get you to your desired outcomes and intentions. Take targeted action on these goals every day whether that be a phone call, email or whatever you must do to get the job done


In life, everything changes eventually. The better you become at handling change, the less you will feel anxiety and worry about it and be able to take positive action that will get you to where you want to be.

Remember that you are an awesome role model for your kids.  They  learn much more by what you do than what you say. Take the time to learn for yourself how to handle anxiety and worry like a boss. Through your positive action teach your kids this important life skill to be able do the same in their lives. You got this! Have an amazing week staying calm, centered focused and taking positive action for you and your family. Be sure to share this with your network and, as always, remember to take care of beautiful you.

Hugs, Janie XO