At Jupiter Family Fun, we are focused on finding FUN for the whole family! We are proud to be your “go-to” resource for events and activities from The Treasure Coast to Boca Raton! From events for the whole family to breweries and date nights…we work hard to make sure we are providing resources for those of all ages and stages! Another one of our favorite parts about Jupiter Family Fun is meeting others in the community, dedicated to making where we call home, a little brighter.

One of those people, Sarah Weinstein “The Jupiter Mama” has poured her time, energy, and heart into creating a Facebook Group called “Jupiter Mamas” for local Moms to find recommendations, seek advice, and come together to form an online village. Not only did she create Jupiter Mamas, but she is also an amazing content creator and mom influencer who gives the best advice from potty training to where to find the best cupcakes and coffee!!! We invited Sarah to write an article for us this week and share her story and what makes Jupiter Mamas so INCREDIBLE!

We are so thankful for all that she does for the Mom community in our area and for taking the time to tell us her story! Without any further adieu…here is The Jupiter Mama herself!


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Hi my name is Sarah Weinstein. You may have heard of a Facebook group name Jupiter Mamas. This is a group I started 3 years ago when I felt so lost in new motherhood and didn’t feel a connection anywhere. So I decided to make my own connection. It became much more than a group; it became a mom tribe for Jupiter and the surrounding areas – a true modern day mom village. Jupiter Mamas is guided by some amazing women who help run the page along with myself. All the women who help make up pieces of the page’s heart.

For some perspective and background, back in June of 2017, I had a intense brain surgery done! A shunt was placed in my skull as I was very diagnosed with a rare disease, hydrocephalus, at the age of 31. It was absolutely terrifying. My daughter at the time was only 2.5 years old. As I laid in bed recovering I remember trying to find people to connect with on Facebook – other mothers. I was having a very difficult time finding one so I thought “f#%k this! I’ll start my own!” I didn’t think much of it and figured it would just be a small group of moms and a small hobby of mine. Little did I know that it would become so much more. And that I would need the members and their advice just as much as they needed myself and the rest of the JM team!

Jupiter Mamas is an online community of mothers who live in Jupiter and close surrounding areas. The page is ran by myself and 4 other incredible ladies. You have Angie and Victoria who are admins and equals of myself. They have been helping with the page since almost the beginning and have unimaginably huge hearts. Then you have Sierra and Valentina who are moderators and incredible women too who also help their community as much as they are able. There are so many unique things about our online community. You can get real time recommendations on almost anything from other mothers in our area. This is a true collaboration as admin use this tool as much as members. Its important to know what our local community thinks on various things!! The biggest part of the page is the support we all give to one another. Even if we’ve never met each other in person. Even if it’s the very first time talking to someone online we will hold and lift each other up. Which is something we all need in the world right now! Women supporting women!! Mothers supporting mothers 💕

Before covid and the pandemic we loved hosting events and meetups. Everything from “Walk and Talk With Sierra” to “Jupiter Mamas Thirsty Thursday” to events at Cinepolis and the Gardens Splash Pad. We can’t wait for it to be safe to host these kind of events again and be able to spend some face to face time with members of our page again! It’s also fun to see members in the community while I’m out running errands. I recognize people all the time and never know if it’s weird to approach someone and say I recognize them from their Facebook profile picture 😂 It’s so nice to connect with Jupiter Mamas both in person and online. I honestly don’t know how moms did it before social media was around. I would be so lost without all the mamas in our area and their invaluable advice and recommendations!! I’ve also seen some incredible things happen because of the page too like when Angie brought to everyone’s attention how the Palm Beach County schools needed help with their school lunch debts so no child would be denied food and we made international news for a simple act of kindness; or, when Victoria helped launch the toy drive last year to make sure underserved children in the community got something for the holidays! We have collected and distributed so many supplies and funds for the Bahamas relief efforts after Hurrican Dorian decimated them last year. We have helped moms collect things they need for their children when they are going through rough times and can’t afford to buy these things themselves. At the end of the day, we just hope that we are making a positive impact on the community and helping out as much as we can!!

If you are a mom in Jupiter or a surrounding area come check us out on Facebook and request to join our private group “Jupiter Mamas” And if you are a parent that want to follow one of our other pages check out our public Facebook page “Jupiter Mamas’s Parent’s Place” or @thejupitermama on Instagram! We hope to see you around both online and in person!