You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is crucial to many current and future job opportunities. All of our kids benefit from strong exposure to these disciplines, but did you know that despite documented capabilities on par with their male peers, girls often feel less capable in these subjects and are therefore less likely to pursue educational opportunities in these high-paying fields?

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The Problem

That’s a problem, but it’s so much worse than that because it’s self-perpetuating. Less girls pursuing STEM careers means fewer women in those fields which means a lack of female role models which leads to less girls envisioning these careers as possibilities for themselves. Ugh. 🙁

The Solution

Luckily, wonderful programs like the South Florida Science Center’s GEMS club have been created to help young girls (grades 3-8) discover how much fun math, science, engineering, and technology really are. The club meets once a month and covers a different exciting aspect of STEM each time.

Lucky for us, this program has been so popular that they now offer this club in Jupiter as well. Bonus, it’s been so popular that it’s offered on two different days so there is no excuse not to try and fit this in your schedule.

Upcoming Schedule

January 8th & 9th – STEAMtastic

February 12th & 13th – Zestful Zoology

March 12th & 13th– Molecular Gastronomy

April 9th & 10th – Tech Talk

May 14th & 15th – Spring into Science

June 11th & 12th– Amazing Outdoors

July 9th & 10th – Sea Talk

August 13th & 14th – Hunting for GEMS


Who: Girls in grades 3-8

What: Monthly hands-on programing with various STEM focus, pizza and refreshments provided.

When: 2nd Tue/Wed of every month | 5-7PM

Where: STEM Studio in downtown Abacoa

How Much: $10 registration, $15 walk-in

More Details