Drownings are a leading cause of death for children ages 1-14 and they kill more children ages 1-4 than anything else except birth defects.*

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If you live in Florida and you have children, it’s hard to imagine that you don’t already know that statistic. When we moved here in 2016 it was a major factor in deciding what house to buy. We definitely wanted to take advantage of the tropical climate but with young kids (who, at the time weren’t strong swimmers) we were also deeply concerned about safety and a private pool made us nervous.

Swim lessons were a top priority for us but they aren’t cheap and cost can be a factor for some families. The Drowning Prevention Coalition, established in 1996, is here to help! Their mission is to promote, develop, and support training, and community education efforts that prevent drowning, near drowning, and other water related incidents in Palm Beach County.

In keeping with that mission, they are able to offer vouchers for free/reduced cost swim lessons for qualified kids in our county. These vouchers are provided on a first come, first served basis and once funding runs out for the year, they are gone until next year. So don’t delay if this is something you are interested in or if you know someone who might be.

Parents whose children qualify may sign up for lessons at participating aquatic facilities in Palm Beach Co. When you receive your voucher, a list of facilities will be provided or you can call or email using the information provided below. Beginning swimmers ages 2-12 can receive a maximum of two vouchers in their lifetime (3 if the child is special needs). Once a child achieves level three in the swim program they are no longer eligible for this program (in order to let more non-swimming children participate).


Who: Children 2-12 that are Palm Beach Co. residents.
What: Free or reduced swim lessons for beginning swimmers
More Info | Email | Facebook | 561-616-7068

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention