Does your family struggle with screens? Is the sky blue? 🙂

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Modern children are spending less and less time outside. The reasons vary and it can be argued that some are out of our control BUT one way to guarantee your child gets their recommended dose of vitamin D is for the whole family to make plans to spend their time together (weekends, vacations, etc.) OUTSIDE.

Did you know that more than 40% of Americans consider enjoying nature an important aspect of a vacation? Maybe that’s not a surprise to a native Floridian, but it makes this post that much more important for any family looking for a fun (and affordable) vacation option.

Every Kid in a Park

Our National Park Service is one of America’s greatest treasures and many of them are already free, but some of the more popular ones, including Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Park do have a cost. As an incentive to get out and enjoy, fourth-graders get free admission to ANY national park all year.

This initiative was originally started by President Obama in 2015 and has been continued by the current administration. That means that all current fourth-grade students can take advantage of free access to the wonders of nature!

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