Enjoy Cinépolis “Magic Hour” with your kids & save money

Want to enjoy Jupiter’s cushy yet expensive movie theatre at a discounted price? Now you can, provided you are free from 3:30-5:30PM Monday through Thursday. Cinépolis theatres just launched a special promotion called “Magic Hour” and according to their headquarters, “there is no current end date making it a great summertime promotion for families.” We agree.

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My own family discovered just how nice the luxury part of our theatre was unintentionally. We had just moved to the area and told the girls we were taking them to Secret Life of Pets without realizing that luxury was our only option until we arrived. As fellow parents, readers are no doubt aware there was no backing out once we were physically at the theatre and realized our seats would be more expensive than we thought. So we took out the credit card, grimaced a bit at the price, and bought the tickets.

Unfortunately for our pocketbook, after the movie everyone in the family was in full agreement that luxury was *the only way* to experience movies henceforth. Having food and drinks delivered to you while you enjoy a moviegoing experience in deep leather recliners is hard to beat. My kids were hooked!

That said, it can add up quickly and our trips to that side of the theatre have actually been pretty minimal, we save it for special occasions only, which makes this promotion perfect for us and I’m guessing for many other local families.

The Fine Print

This promotion does not work on weekends. Shows must have a start time between 3:30 and 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday. Tickets are $10 for the luxury theatre and $7 for the traditional theatre. If you’re not sure if the movie you want to see is involved in the promotion, it’s easy to check online. You can also purchase your seats online but then you’ll pay a small convenience fee.

More Specials

This promotion just happens to coincide with another special that Cinépolis offers – Happy Hour! Happy Hour actually runs Monday through Friday at the same time as the Magic Hour promotion and includes:


If you and/or your child loves movies, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a Jupiter treat on a more regular basis and if this is still too rich for your blood, consider heading over to Cobb at Downtown at the Gardens for their free summer movies.