Christmas in July! ( or Hanukkah in July, Kwanzaa in July, or simply a Summer Celebration!)

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Who is ready to create a new fun, family tradition? This one celebrates the halfway to Christmas mark and engages both parents and children in PLAY! For this segment, we sought out Imagination Advocate, JoAnn Teetor, with Discovery Toys, and are so excited to share our reviews on this awesome toy brand (which has been around for 42 years!) but also some fun ideas on how to incorporate this new tradition into your own home. Grab your hot chocolate, put on your Christmas music, and away we go!

To nail down your Christmas in July theme, you will need to find quality, engaging toys! And since driving to your local toy store may not be an option right now, we were so excited to meet Imagination Advocate, JoAnn Teetor! JoAnn Teetor is an Imagination Advocate with Discovery Toys, and was our go-to for toy recommendations based on age and interest.

Discovery Toys is an established toy brand based out of California that has been around for 42-years. Their toys can be purchased and shipped online AND they categorize their toys by age groups, which made it SO EASY to nail down the perfect toys for the kiddos! We got the chance to product test a few toys for this segment and were blown away by not only the quality and design of these toys, but, most importantly, their “layers of play”! Each toy had multiple functions (even the stacking cups were color-coordinated with numbers and ridges on each cup for counting and stacking), and we were completely blown away at how engaging these toys were for both children and adults.

Take The Busy Bugs for example – our 3 year old had to use the colored bugs to make sequences, patterns, and solve the math problems that were presented on the laminated mats that came with the bugs! We had a lot of fun working through the math problems together and after we were done, the bugs became a toy by themselves. EVERY toy we tested got an A+ for sensory experience, engagement, creativity, and play and they all involved some level of math reasoning and problem solving, which we LOVED. We also love that these toys are multi-sensory and suitable for special needs and children with learning challenges. We also sampled a few books too which were durable in quality and engaging for the younger age groups (especially the “Hoot! Hoot!” Book).

Overall, Discovery Toys is a perfect option for helping you find the right toys for your kids and can be purchased here: You can also email JoAnn for product specific recommendations based on age and interest: If you are local to northern Palm Beach County, she may even bring them to you in person! 😃

Once you have your toys, pull our that themed wrapping paper and wrap your toys! This really added some excitement for our new tradition.

Finally, turn on that Christmas music, bake some cookies, sip some hot chocolate, and explain to your kiddos that you are halfway to Christmas!

Do you have any ideas to add to our Christmas in July tradition? Let us know! And if you purchase from Discovery Toys, we would love to see your photos!