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We all fan-girled over Jupiter native, Tyler Cameron, on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Tyler not only lives The Jup Life, but he is effortlessly cool – from his dance moves down to his smooth, casual flattery, Tyler was an instant stand-out (in our world and Hannah’s). But his personality is not the only quality fans noticed about Tyler..can we please take a moment of silence in recognition of his ABS???? Long after Hannah made the (very very bad choice) to send Tyler home, we religiously followed our favorite heart throb on Instagram, hoping for some insight into his personal life and fitness routine. For months during quarantine, we stalked Tyler, Matt James (the new Bachelor and Tyler’s best friend), and “The Quarantine Crew”  (which included Miss Alabama Hannah herself) to see how they kept themselves both entertained…and in shape!

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The secret to their chiseled bodies? None other than Jupiter Local Phil Fit, a world worldrenowned personal trainer and body tranformation artist who has been training Tyler since he was 13! 

In EXCLUSIVE news to Jupiter Family Fun Users – Phil Fit is launching his own Fitness APP!!!! The best part? You can sweat in 5 MINUTES with Phil Fit! This is HUGE – considering his training sessions are booked out 8 MONTHS in advance!

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On November 6th, 2020, you will be able to download The Phil Fit App and have unlimited access to Phil’s 5 Minute Work Outs – Monday through Friday for only $19.99/month!! Get Filthy in Five with full body workouts, nutrition tips, and how-to videos from Phil Fit! You will have access to videos starring Tyler Cameron, and UFC Superstars, Michael Lombardo and JP Caruso! We literally cannot wait to download this APP! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE – If you can spare 5 minutes out of your day, you too can achieve a Tyler Cameron physique – Phil’s high intensity workouts are meant for all skill levels, ages, and genders!

We hopped on a call with Phil last week to chat with him about this exciting news and his POSITIVE ENERGY radiated through the phone. His upbeat personality, zest for life, and passion for fitness was both inspiring and contagious. He was in between video shoots for corporate workouts and we could tell right away he truly LOVES making people feel good about themselves and their health!

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We learned that he has lived in the Jupiter area for 23 years and considers Jupiter his home. When we asked him what his favorite part about living in Jupiter is, he said that it’s just “a beautiful and welcoming place to live“(we couldn’t agree more)! He is very actively involved in Jupiter Youth Sports, he has trained The Jupiter High School Lacrosse team for over 10 years and has worked with The Jupiter High School Football and Volleyball Players — both in team training and individual training…which is how he met Tyler over a decade ago! He is an expert in his field and specializes in speed, conditioning, and strength with his athletes…propelling them to the next level! When he is not helping people reach their fitness goals, or training future colleigate and professional athletes, Phil spends time with his beautiful family and volunteers for charities such as Big Dog Ranch Rescue — which he will be walking the runway for, next month at The 7th Annual Wine, Women, & Shoes event at The Mar-A-Lago!

We couldn’t help but feel inspired by his energy and passion and when we asked him his secret, he said

I start each day with GRATITUDE. I wake up, say thank you, stretch, take a hot shower… and say 3 different affirmations every day. That gets me fired up, I get to the gym at 6:00AM and I’m there all day long, I love to lift people up with my energy. If I can help them walk away with something positive, my goal has been met!

It is literally impossible not to feel motivated and inspired around Phil, in just our 20 minute phone call we felt ready to conquer our day. After this APP Launches, we totally think he needs his own television show, we would watch every day!

We then moved on with what he ate to help compliment his workouts. He told us he usually meal preps to keep up with his healthy lifestyle but due to his busy work schedule and launching the APP he has been using a meal delivery company where the calories are counted out for him. He says it’s very helpful to keep him accountable and on track and will have nutrition and meal planning information on his APP!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic a lot of people haven’t been able to attend the gym regularly and have struggled with mental health. When we asked Phil how he felt about this he immediately got serious….his words are still fresh in my mind.
I would much rather them work out than take a pill, if they can. Movement and keeping active help prevent you from falling into depression and even help you come out of it. I’ve seen people come into my program depressed and leave feeling much better.
It’s very clear that Phil’s mission in life is to transform lives – body, mind, and soul. We truly believe his new APP will be life changing. We couldn’t have been more honored to interview such a powerful and positive force….and November 6th we will be the first ones to download the APP! You should join us!!!
To learn more about Phil Fit, head over to his WEBSITE
or follow him on INSTAGRAM
Don’t you worry, we didn’t let him go without asking about our NEW BACHELOR!!
It turns out we are in luck, Matt James is…
a total gentleman with a big heart. He’s truly great person with a gentle soul. His mom, like Tyler’s mom – did an amazing job.
We CANNOT wait!!! Thank you so much Phil, for taking the time out of your day to talk to us. We are beyond excited to get started with your program and wake up every morning with your positive energy!

If you are one of the first 500 on the waitlist, On November 6th, 2020 you will be sent an “Invitation only” link to the app (how cool!). In order to jump up the waitlist – share your link with friends! Click this link below and get ready to be transformed!

**EXCLUSIVE Jupiter Family Fun access to the first 500 to sign up https://www.philfit.app/!! **