Summer is here and if your family is looking for things to do in Jupiter and beyond then we’ve got the ULTIMATE SUMMER BUCKET LIST. You won’t hear “I’m bored” even once if you manage to check off everything on this list. The best part? Almost all of the items on this list are completely free!  Why spend money to have fun when there is so much free and cheap fun to be had here in North Palm Beach County? Now go forth and have a summer so filled with experiences and fun that your kids will be sure to write a novel for their “What I Did This Summer” back to school essays.

2019 Summer Fun Bucket List

  1. Dip your toes in at Dubois
  2. Free admission for PBC residents every Thursday at Mounts
  3. Visit the Flagler Museum
  4. Raise a sippy cup at TGIFamily Fridays on the Square
  5. Astonish at a Kids Talent Show
  6. Slip and Slide at PBG Splash Zone
  7. Run through the Rain at the Palm Beach Zoo
  8. Fall in love with Romeo and Juliet (by the Sea)
  9. Fiesta at Festival del Mar
  10. Chill at the Four Arts Children’s Library
  11. Analyze an Aqua Lab
  12. Enjoy a Family Fun Day in the Garden
  13. Delight in a Library Dance Party
  14. Hear tales from a Manatee Master Storyteller
  15. Meet the Hunters of the Sky
  16. Go on an Estuary Exploration
  17. Take a selfie with a sloth
  18. Catch some Amazing Magic with Mr. A
  19. Become a Junior Ranger
  20. Enroll in a Family Fishing Clinic
  21. Galavant on a GeoTour at the Beach
  22. Catch a free movie in the a/c
  23. Engage in Artful Learning
  24. Find out there is such a thing as a free meal
  25. Sing under the stars with The Greatest Showman
  26. Learn some code with Code Palm Beach
  27. Discover a nearby playground 
  28. Dress up as a Dinosaur for Safari Nights
  29. Build a Better World with Summer Reading
  30. Let the kids crawl on a carousel
  31. Jam with Patty
  32. Taste a Starfish Coffee at Storytime
  33. Experience a Food Truck Invasion
  34. Tour the Dubois Pioneer Home
  35. Devour a Dune Dog on a Wednesday Night
  36. Appreciate Pollock and O’Keefe at the Norton
  37. Celebrate the World’s Oceans
  38. Locate some Indoor Fun
  39. Assist your Little Otters in exploring their world
  40. Find out just how much Readers Rock! 
  41. Relax in luxury during Cinépolis Magic Hour
  42. Delve into Treasure Coast Children’s Museum
  43. Beachcomb with purpose
  44. Unwind with Untold Riches at MacArthur
  45. Catch Some Tunes at Harbourside
  46. Frolic in Fairytale Playhouses
  47. Take a Turtle Walk at Loggerhead
  48. Get soaked at John Prince Park
  49. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  50. Board the Brightline

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