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17 Aug 2019
5 Uniquely Jupiter ways to spend Valentine’s Day
Things to Do

5 Uniquely Jupiter ways to spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is upon us and with it comes pressure to dazzle our significant other with a date night idea that will show them how much we really care, right? Well…maybe it’s just a nice excuse to do something special with the one you love.

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Whatever your feelings about the holiday, if you’re looking for ideas we’ve got five great ones with a uniquely Jupiter spin on them.

#1. Carlin Park After Dark: Solid Brass | Seabreeze Ampitheater | 7-9PM | Free | Details

Why You Should Go: Chicago tribute band so you’re definitely going to hear “You’re the Inspiration” which will set the mood. Food trucks on site, so dinner is taken care of. Weather this time of year is perfect, so you just need a blanket or a couple beach chairs and you’re ready for romance.


#2. PonTiki Sunset Cruise | Harbourside Launch  | 6-8PM | $65 per person | Details

Why You Should Go: A sunset cruise up and down the Jupiter inlet sounds pretty romantic. Complimentary beer, wine, and soda is provided. You are welcome to bring your own food (provided all containers have lids and you keep your trash out of the water). Beach music will be sure to set the mood.

What’s more romantic than a sunset cruise? Photo via FB

#3. Lighthouse Sunset Tour | Jupiter Lighthouse | 5:30-6:45PM | $20 per person | Details

 Why You Should Go: Even though you’ll be celebrating a day early (this tour is on the 13th) you can’t beat the view. Plus, you’ll have an easier time getting a dinner reservation after and probably finding a sitter. #WinWin

Jupiter Lighthouse at Sunset. Photo via FB

#4. Dinner and the Pier | Juno Beach Pier | Until 10PM | $1 per person | Details 

Why You Should Go: There are a ton of wonderful local restaurants near the beach and a romantic meal at any of them would make a lovely valentine’s day treat but follow it up with a romantic stroll on the pier and you’ve taken the date to the next level!

Juno Beach Pier. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

#5. Evening Tour: V-Day Edition | Loggerhead Marinelife Center | 6-7PM | $30 | Details

Why You Should Go:  Other than our iconic lighthouse, nothings says Jupiter more than sea turtles so starting your evening off with the big guys makes sense if you’re looking for the quintessential Jupiter Valentine’s Celebration. The evening will include holiday-themed treats, light bites and bubbles plus a guided tour behind the scenes and a special Valentine’s Day Adoption per person! Singles, couples, friends, and families are welcome.

Spend your special day with these lovable creatures. Photo via FB

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