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You may know Cristyle Wood Egitto as a popular food blogger and the face behind Eat Palm Beach, but her new book, 111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss – goes WAY beyond FOOD! It’s also important to note, that this isn’t a social diary, this is a incredibly well-written, professionally published book; filled with fascinating history, extraordinary stories, and local places – you truly MUST NOT MISS.

Cristyle is a South Florida native, born in Miami and raised in Palm Beach. Her love of food came through her travels, seeing how cuisines differ and relate so much, and learning to eat like a local. She started  Eat Palm Beach in 2013 as a way to rediscover her hometown and she has been an active part of the local food community ever since. With close to 30k followers, many look to her Instagram feed to choose their next night out, lunch spot, or to just simply admire her work and adventures. While she may be known for her love of food, her heroic efforts of saving small restaurants during the Covid-19 lockdown, and her mouthwatering social media feeds….111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss shows you a completely different side of Cristyle and Palm Beach County!

We had the privilege of speaking with Cristyle last week and can honestly tell you that we learned more about the history of Palm Beach in that 45 minute call, than we even knew was possible! It was apparent within the first five minutes of our call, that Cristyle completely poured her heart and soul into this book, she fully immersed herself in the history, culture, and essence of what makes Palm Beach, Palm Beach.

In the book, Cristyle doesn’t simply tell you about the places she writes about, she walks you through the history, she helps you truly experience what you’re reading about. She doesn’t list The Morikami Museum as a place to visit, she takes you straight to the The Seishin-an Tea House and beautiful articulates the history of a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Making you feel like you’ve experienced a piece of history Japanese culture prior to visiting. She doesn’t point you in the direction of The Flagler Museum, she has you start at Railcar 91, Flagler’s private railcar and the history behind it’s remarkable journey.

She helps us feel a deep appreciation for things we pass on a regular basis, but fail to see their significance. She points out historical hidden gems such as The MacArthur Banyan tree and a 9/11 Memorial made from steel fragments of the World Trade Center. We were speechless, moved, and in awe of her stories and frankly could not believe there was so much we didn’t know about the place we call home.

We truly couldn’t recommend 111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss more, and luckily it’s availble to order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. It is the perfect holiday gift for locals, new transplants, history buffs, and anyone who wants to truly immerse themselves into the history and culture of Pam Beach (Not to mention, how cute would this be as a coffee table book?)! Cristyle will also be hosting local book signings and events – stay tuned for more details as she’s being sure to follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines!

From the bottom of our hearts, CONGRATULATIONS Cristyle on this enormous achievement! We couldn’t be more excited for you! Jupiter Family Fun friends and followers — make sure to put 111 Places in Palm Beach That You Must Not Miss on the top of your holiday shopping lists! You’ll thank us later, we promise!